We share with you your concern regarding the protection of our planet. Our policy is based on two major axes. Reducing our company's carbon footprint and the environmental impact of our packaging.

All our products are produced close to our customers. That is to say on the island of Montreal for the metropolis, in the national capital for clients of Quebec City (if applicable), in Papua, if by chance, we decide to settle in this area. This ambition, this policy, is a bit like the "mantra" of the brand with the name "local counter".
Regarding packaging, our delivery box is a major technical innovation in the field of food transport. It is a real cooler that keeps food fresh between 4 and 6 degrees for 24 to 36 hours, even with a temperature of 28 degrees outside the box. The cardboard is insulated with a significant thickness. The good news is that, despite the technical difficulty that this represents, we are happy to declare that the whole "cardboard + insulation" is 97% recyclable. It should therefore be put in the specific container for cartons.

We decided to deliver our already prepared dishes, not frozen, in vacuum packaging which is recyclable. We decided not to add additional packaging to limit the amount of waste from our customers. There are therefore paper labels directly affixed to the packaging. On the other hand, our complementary packaging, such as those for our lasagna, gratins, etc. which require a solid container to hold the dish are made of pulp and are compostable. It is therefore advisable to throw the vacuum packaging in the plastic container and the pulp container in the compost or organic waste.

Our "ICE-PACK" are small plastic bags, containing a gel presenting no danger for food (in case of partial destruction). The plastic is deposited in the plastic container and the gel in a normal container. The gel will reduce its mass to 0.5% of its initial mass and will disappear in the longer term.

Our brand is doing its best to make a contribution to the building of nature protection. It is obviously not perfect, but we do not want to make ad effects. Our policy and especially our will is not to follow a fashion, a craze, to "stay in tune with the times". We do our best, with the technological weapons at our disposal, while remaining consistent with a pricing policy that seems fair to us. In the same way, we do not claim to be "organic", "gluten-free", with one or two flagship products which in reality mask an aggressive commercial policy which has made non-mercantile considerations.

SOUPESOUP is a responsible company from this point of view. Our products are handcrafted, close to the consumer, with the best Eco-responsible choice possible in our opinion.

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